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  • Interdisciplinary Seminar A 77750 and Interdisciplinary Seminar B 77751A

    The Interdisciplinary seminar has 15 year tradition during which students formNatural Sciences Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts have initiated and performed original research under the joint direction of interdisciplinary researchers.

    National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, USA.

    Many of these projects culminated in papers in leading journals including NatureScience, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  USA, etc.

    In many cases the students continued those ideas and are now Professors at leading Universities.

    The following pages describe research I conducted in the last 4 years in cooperation with about a dozen colleagues from chemistry, biology, applied mathematics, finance, marketing, education, jewish thought, occupational therapy and medicine.


    • General description of my Physics-Driven Interdisciplinary Projects (1 page).
    • Table summarizing my various interdisciplinary projects and their measure of success.
    • Table summarizing the present logistic problems and my proposed solutions; Suggestion for establishment of an “A-disciplinary institute” .
    • Document containing short abstracts of some of the projects (3 pages).
    • Document describing the scientific paradigm underlying those projects (2 pages)
    • A collection of longer (1-2 page) abstracts for the individual projects.
    • My CV and LP for the last 5 years (in addition to about  80 articles 1984-1994).

    Some are presently active in helping directing the current Seminar  projects.

    The first semester Interdisciplinary Seminar A is dedicated for the student to searching and developing the idea and the possible methods for the project.

    The second semester, B is a feasibility study of the idea generate during the Interdisciplinary Seminar A.…