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Sorin Solomon holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science (1984). He is a professor at the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was previously a Bantrell Research Fellow at Caltech and held a Career Development Chair at the Weizmann Institute. He coordinated the Lagrange Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Excellence in Complexity in Turin, Italy, and a few EU projects in complexity. He authored more than 200 publications and books including ‘Microscopic Simulation of Financial Markets From Investor Behavior To Market Phenomena.’ Princeton University Press 2000 and “Cracking the ad code” Cambridge University Press 2009. 


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Why and how is Complexity important and relevant to me? 


Some more answers in the 

Complexity Road Map 

that I started writing.

Why is complexity important?

Press articles rendering my works on complexity: 

Europhysics News,  BBCBoston GlobeDer StandardNew ScientistThe GuardianNature, Science, Ha'Aretz, New Your Times, Herald Tribune, Neue Zuriche Zeitung, Le Figaro, Business2.0, Reuters, Daily Telegraph etc...



on the cover of New Scientist of May 6 2000 and the article therein 

Ordinary Miracles,

based on our paper 

The Importance of Being discrete - Life always wins on the surface 

in PNAS.


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Novelty and creativity, Creative sparks 

(our article in Science, with some interesting responses of the readers). 

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