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  • 5 Best Selling Affordable Fastrack Watches for Women in India

    We all know that Fastrack is the subsidiary of Titan which was launched in the year 2008. It was launched with a motive to present the versatile sports watch collection for both men and woman at affordable price. The Fastrack watches left an impact after the launch and attracted many watch lovers. While presenting the exclusive sports watches for the men, the company didn’t forget to launch a soothing collection for women as well. Here are some of the most selling Fastrack women watches of the year.

    Fastrack Beach Upgrades Analog White Dial Watch – NE9827PP06J

    This Fastrack watch comes with white colored dial, mineral glass material, and a round dial. Its bands are made up of silicone and are purple in color. It is an analog watch having Quartz movement. The case is made up of plastic and has the diameter of 39.1 x 34.2 x 10.9mm. The watch is water resistant up to the depth of 30meters. You can go for it spending just 1450INR.

    Fastrack Beach Analog Black Dial Watch – 9827PP02

    It is a round dial watch having black color and stainless steel casing. The band is made up of rubber and also comes in black color. It displays the time analogously and offers 6 years battery warranty along with 1 year manufacturing warranty. Quartz is the watch movement supported by it and will cost you just 1600INR.

    Fastrack Hip Hop Analog White Dial Watch – NE9827PP01J

    This white colored round dial watch is the favorite of women. The glass is made up of mineral material. Its bands are made up from silicone and come in white color. This analog watch has Quartz movement and the case is made up from hard plastic like material. The diameter of the case is 39.1 x 34.2 x 10.9mm. It is water resistant up to 30 meters depth and is available at 1600INR.

    Fastrack Economy Analog Black Dial Watch – NE6015SL02

    It is a black colored watch having oval shape. It has black colored bands with brass as case material. The bands are made up of leather and are of black color. It is an analog watch supporting Quartz movement. The case diameter is 32.7 x 31.5 mm. This watch is totally water resistant up to 30 meters depth. You can avail it at just 1500INR.

    Fastrack Girls’ Analog Black Dial Watch – NE6035SL02

    It is one of the best Fastrack watches for girls. The dial color is black, but the case shape is asymmetrical. The case is made up from Brass. This analog watch supports the Quartz type movement. The diameter of the case is 42.5 x 32mm, which is slightly wider than other Fastrack watches in this list. It is completely water resistant till 300 meters depth. It can be availed at just 2000INR.

    The Last Words

    These are some of the best and affordable Fastrack watches for women. If you are a woman, you can definitely go for any of them without worrying too. All these watches will provide you 1 year manufacturing warranty. So, you need not to worry at all.…

  • 5 Best Formal Shoes Brand in India Leading the Footwear Industry

    Footwear forms an integral part of our personality that is showcased before the world. People tend to be highly cautious about their attire and facial charm, but clean and impressive footwear leave a mark of impression. Majority of the premium footwear that rules the industry focuses on the design and quality creating an aura of panache and sophistication. Formal shoes must be chosen very carefully as it can break or mend an impression that can be very fruitful for your growing career.

    The leading footwear industry in India has captivated the crowd with its brilliance and design in offered by some elite brands. The top 5 formal shoes including Red Tape Shoes, Gucci, and Ferragamo that define the fad and provide an unparalleled comfort have been highlighted below:

    Red Tape

    Comfort, style and fashion define the magic of brand Red Tape. It is known for its unmatched and supreme quality that has set an epitome of finesse, trend, and skilled craftsmanship. It has emerged as one of most loved shoe brand in our nation and worldwide. Owing to its marvelous finishing and flawless design, this international brand has dilated its portfolio all across the globe and is gigantically growing with its brilliance. Red Tape Shoes are an absolute choice for all who have an aesthetic sense of formal footwear.

    Allen Edmond Park Avenue Oxford

    The much celebrated and widely known Allen Edmond Park Avenue Oxford is known for its classic design of formal footwear that makes a perfect pick for all ceremonials events and goes perfect with office attires. It has emerged as a standard choice for all dressy occasions and is a step ahead with its finest formal appearance. This formal shoe brand houses finely stitched leather traditionally. It also incorporates synthetic or suede materials in its process of manufacturing with non-rubber and closed lacing style.


    Gucci has set a benchmark with its outstanding quality along the premium design and color combinations in the segment of formal footwear. Red Tape shoes and Park Avenue Oxford no wonder are great choices to make, but Gucci has set a trend for all genres. Its amazing range of color combinations even for formal shoes has taken it to the top of premium footwear worldwide. No wonder with its impeccable design and quality it is the largest lace-up shoes brand globally.


    Ferragamo is an Italian brand that offers brilliant designs in formal footwear. This brand is always high on demand owing to the frequent sale offered online and in physical stores. It tops the chart of formal footwear in India with its vast collection of designs that make a perfect match for all dressy events.

    John Lobb

    John Lobb is an established and debonair name in the field of footwear with its 150 years of passion in the footwear industry. It is among the leading manufacturers with its exotic look and fine quality. The leather and finishing is just irresistible that makes it colossally popular in men’s boots as a perfect choice for all ceremonial and formal occasions.…

  • Interdisciplinary Seminar A 77750 and Interdisciplinary Seminar B 77751A

    The Interdisciplinary seminar has 15 year tradition during which students formNatural Sciences Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts have initiated and performed original research under the joint direction of interdisciplinary researchers.

    National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, USA.

    Many of these projects culminated in papers in leading journals including NatureScience, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  USA, etc.

    In many cases the students continued those ideas and are now Professors at leading Universities.

    The following pages describe research I conducted in the last 4 years in cooperation with about a dozen colleagues from chemistry, biology, applied mathematics, finance, marketing, education, jewish thought, occupational therapy and medicine.


    • General description of my Physics-Driven Interdisciplinary Projects (1 page).
    • Table summarizing my various interdisciplinary projects and their measure of success.
    • Table summarizing the present logistic problems and my proposed solutions; Suggestion for establishment of an “A-disciplinary institute” .
    • Document containing short abstracts of some of the projects (3 pages).
    • Document describing the scientific paradigm underlying those projects (2 pages)
    • A collection of longer (1-2 page) abstracts for the individual projects.
    • My CV and LP for the last 5 years (in addition to about  80 articles 1984-1994).

    Some are presently active in helping directing the current Seminar  projects.

    The first semester Interdisciplinary Seminar A is dedicated for the student to searching and developing the idea and the possible methods for the project.

    The second semester, B is a feasibility study of the idea generate during the Interdisciplinary Seminar A.…

  • General University Courses

    The course is a General University-wide course of the series Cornerstones which addresses students from all faculties.
    I will review the application of methods and ideas from physics to natural, social and human sciences.

    We will review some paradigms that emerged recently:
    “More is Different”,
    “Small World Networks”,
    “Peer-To-Peer viral propagation”,
    “Fractals and (Multi-scaling”, etc.
    We will present specific applications in: social revolutions dynamics, knowledge hierarchies in the internet, network dynamics of narratives, economic crisis propagation, education and economic growth, wealth distribution, globalization and financial instability, ecological patterns and  resilience, emergence of altruism and cooperation, immune system dynamics, visual system signal integration, networks in the brain, emergence of meaning in childrenscribbles, music therapy, algorithms for creative innovation, innovation diffusion and adoption.

    Applications of Physics Inspired Methods in Natural, Social and Human Sciences

    During the last decade, progress in theory and access to massive empirical data allowed the extension of the physics methods to a wide
    range of disciplines. I will review the main paradigms that emerged up to this moment.

    The “More is Different” paradigm:
    composite objects of one science are the elementary objects of another science:
    – emergence of complex collective phenomena from many simple elementary interactions.
    – examples from biology, economics, humanities
    – conceptual unifying and practical impact

    The “Positive Feedback Loop”  paradigm
    – the mechanism of self-fulfilling hopes / fears / expectations
    – growth, structure, fractals, intermittent fluctuations,scaling.
    – viciouscycles and virtuous cycles
    – chemical and biological cycles, predator-prey cycles, economic cycles,
    – built-in instability of growing/ developing systems and their sustainability.

    The “Dynamical Networks” paradigm
    – network representation of complex systems in microbiology, society, economics, internet, etc.
    – qualitative characterization of network features and properties
    – how do networks emerge and grow? Preferential attachment, copying links, diagonal links. Connectivity.
    – emergence of global network complex properties from single link simple dynamical rules
    – scaling networks, hierarchies, small worlds, clusters, cores, cliques

    The Peer-to-Peer Diffusion paradigm
    – percolation phase transitions
    – the fine line between a hit and a flop in life, business, society and culture.
    – supporting green technologies adoption
    – bootstrap percolation
    – the propagation and recovery from economic crises
    – the propagation of social dissent. Successful vs failed revolutions..

    The Importance of being Discrete” paradigm
    – the fallacy of continuous density functions
    – emergence of adaptive collective objects from proliferating inanimate elementary particles.
    – the world is governed by rare extreme events rather then by averages
    – singular change centers lead to adaptive growth ; Creative Destruction.
    – Education and Economic Growth.
    – Developing the Popperian paradigm (confrontation of theory with empirical facts) in biology, social and humanistic research.


    During the study of the LLS agent based model of financial markets we realized that in certain conditions, when the time variations of the individuals wealths w (t) are random fractions of the wealth

    w (t+1) = λ w(t)                                                 (1)

    (with λ > 0 a random variable extracted from a probability distribution P(λ))

    the wealth distribution in the system is scaling:

    P(w> W) ~ W                                                (2)

    Basically we rediscovered 100 later the Pareto law and the mechanisms leading to skew distributions as described by Yule, Gibrat, Simon , Kesten, etc.

    The first, not very pedagogical papers were:
    Dynamical Explanation for the Emergence of Power Law in a Stock Market Model, M. Levy and S. Solomon, Int J of Mod Phys C, Vol. 7, No. 1 (1996) 65-72

    Spontaneous Scaling Emergence in Generic Stochastic Systems, S. Solomon and M. Levy Int. J. Mod. Phys. C , Vol. 7, No. 5 (1996) 745 ; 


    New evidence for the power-law distribution of wealth, M. Levy and S. Solomon Physica A 242 (1997) 90. 

    However, the particular context in which we rediscovered it, solved a few problems outstanding in the previous treatments:

    By introducing an interaction (a kind of social security), between the wealth wi (t) of each individual i and the current average wealth wave = Σi wi (t) /N (t) one makes the power law hold (with fixed exponent μ) even in arbitrary non-stationary situations (time dependent Π(λ,t)) and even if the number of elements N(t) is variable too:

    Power laws in cities population, financial markets and internet sites (scaling in systems with a variable number of components)Aharon Blank and Sorin Solomon,  Physica A 287 (1-2) (2000) pp.279-288 

    More precisely:

    If one supplements the dynamics

    wi (t+1) = λi (t)  wi (t)    i=1,…, N(t)                         (3)

    [where λi (t)> 0 are extracted from the same, possibly time dependent but i-independent arbitrary probability distribution Π(λ,t)]

    with the condition

    wi (t+1) > c wave(t+1)                                           (4)
    ( where c an arbitrary constant 0<c<1   )

    [i.e. each time that a wi (t+1) falls because of (3) below (4) it will be restored to wi (t+1) = c wave (t+1)]

    Then the wi will converge quickly to the power law

    P(wi > W) = W-1/(1-c)   for W > c wave(t+1)                (5)
    This is in spite of wave (t) having an arbitrarily irregular time variations induced by the arbitrary variations in the probability distribution Π(λ,t).

    Another version of the above mechanism made the contact to the celebrated logistic equation (we called Generalized Lotka Volterra equation GLV):

    Generic emergence of power law distributions and Lévy-stable intermittent fluctuations in discrete logistic systems. O. Biham, O. Malcai, M. Levy and S. Solomon, Phys. Rev. E 58, 1352 (1998). 

    More precisely the dynamics

    wi (t+1) = λi (t)  wi (t)    + a wave  + d(w1,…,wN,t) wi            (6)

    leads for large wi to a power law
    P(wi > W) = W-1- 2 a/D                                                   (7)

    independent on the arbitrary function d(w1,…,wN,t)

    For a more general dynamics and the functional dependence in (7) for arbitrary W see

    Stable power laws in variable economies, S. Solomon and P. Richmond, Eur. Phys. J. B 27, 257-261 (2002)

    We continued the study of these systems in many papers listed below but a crucial moment was the confirmation in

    Pioneers on a new continent: on physics and economics, S Solomon and M Levy Quantitative Finance (IoP) V 3, N 1, C12 Feb 2003

    of the theoretical prediction that the time fluctuations of wave (t) [identified with the stock market index] are characterized by a fractal exponent
    equal to the Pareto exponent in (7) 
    [representing the wealth distribution in the same economic system].

    Power-law distributions and L\’evy-stable intermittent fluctuations in stochastic systems of many autocatalytic elements. O. Malcai O. Biham and S. Solomon, Phys. Rev. E, 60, 1299 (1999). 

    Finite market size as a source of extreme wealth inequality and market instability Zhi-Feng Huang and  Solomon Physica A , 294 (3-4) (2001) pp. 503

    Power Laws of Wealth, Market Order Volumes and Market Returns, Sorin Solomon, Peter Richmond Physica AVol. 299 (1-2) (2001) pp. 188-197

    Power Laws are Boltzmann Laws in Disguise Powed Laws Are Disguised Boltzmann Laws, Peter Richmond, Sorin Solomon, International Journal of Modern Physics C, Vol. 12, No. 3 (2001) 333-343

    Stochastic Multiplicative Processes for Financial Markets, Zhi-Feng Huang, Sorin Solomon Physica A 306 (2002) 412-422 [cond-mat/0110273] Download PDF 

    Co-Evolutionist Stochastic Dynamics: Emergence of Power-LawsPower-laws in stochastic Lotka-Volterra-Eigen-Schuster Systems S. Solomon, P. Richmond, O. Biham and O. Malcai, in: “Towards Cognitive Economics”, Eds: P. Bourgine and J.-P. Nadal, Springer (2003). Download PDF

    Non-equilibrium and irreversible simulation of competition among languages, D. Stauffer, C. Schulze, F.W.S. Lima, S. Wichmann, S. Solomon; Physica A 371 (2006) 719–724 Download PDF

    Copying nodes versus editing links: the source of the difference between genetic regulatory networks and the WWW, Yoram. Louzoun, LevMuchnickand Sorin Solomon Bioinformatics (Oxford University Press 2006) 22(5):581-588; Download PDF

    The Forbes 400 and the Pareto wealth distribution, Economics Letters Volume 90, Issue 2, February 2006, Pages 290-295,  Download PDF

    The Forbes 400, the Pareto power-law and efficient markets, O.S. Klass, O. Biham, M. Levy, O. Malcai, and S. Solomon; Eur. Phys. J. B 55(2),143–147 (2007) Download PDF

    Slicing and Dicing the Genome: A Statistical Physics Approach to Population Genetics YE Maruvka, NM Shnerb, S Solomon Journal of Statistical Physics, 142(6), 1302-1316, Springer, 2011

    Runaway events dominate the heavy tail of citation distributions, M Golosovsky, S Solomon The Eur Phys Jou-Special Topics 205 (1), 303, 3 2012

    Stochastic Dynamical Model of a Growing Citation Network Based on a Self-Exciting Point Process , M Golosovsky, S Solomon Physical Review Letters 109 (9), 98701 3 2012

    The transition towards immortality: non-linear